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Lil Lodges - UPDATED  I would like to add some postive comments to this thread
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I talked with Larry about my unit Friday and he said it was 95% complete and it would ship this week or early next week. My wife and i decided to drive 5 hours to look at the unit Saturday morning.(they work on Saturdays) We arrived at 9:00 am and met with Michelle(quality manager) and Dwayne(supervisor/manager) they answered all our questions and really treaded us like a customer. Our unit was indeed 95% complete and I didn't see and... Read more

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He has had at least FIVE business 's filed under LLC that he has opened and shut down in the past 8 years!!! LARRY SMITH and STEVE SULLIVAN are about to be wearing stripes when you have the FBI investigating you it's pretty bad I think it's money laundering and so do they operating a shell company and paying his people with our money that we gave him in good faith expecting to get a home I have never been through anything quite this bad just... Read more

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I have a regular park model on order nothing fancy. I too have read all the negative reviews, so I was concerned. I live in Atlanta and travel to Tennessee on business regularly. I have visited the factory 3 times to look at my unit and it is being built, but it is taking longer than expected.(last visit 8-18-16) I see 15 units on the production line at one time, and have seen them leave the factory every time I am there. They have overextended... Read more

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A special agent with the Alabama Attorney's General has gotten word that this creep has handed out pink slips to his employee's sure ain't gonna stop him from going to prison or steve sullivan or andrian these people are running a scam and this isn't larry smiths first time to open a business and steal a bunch of money and then close it down I figured as much but if it is the last thing i do it will be to put their ***'s in jail this is the... Read more

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My husband and I bought a Lil Lodge December 2014. Visited their Mfg. plant and paid in full. We have yet to get our MOS or Point of Origin for our little log cabin! I have called, messaged by different means (lost count on how many times I have addressed this issue with them). We have someone enterested in buying our tiny house and can't sell it because we don't have anything to show that we own it!!!!! I am about to turn this matter over to... Read more

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Started communicating and planning our park model in September 2015. I dealt with Steve Sullivan and Jake Miles almost on a daily basis via phone, email, text. Communication was wonderful. In December 2015 we had settled on a plan for our home and drove to Bear Creek, Alabama and met with Steve and Jake and toured the factory and felt confident with the quality of the work that we THOUGHT we were seeing and the strong communication in place... Read more

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There are many misstatements in your 'Complaint', and since you are so pleased, I wonder why you have posted it. In order to tell Lil' Lodges how they should do their job? And the extremes to which a customer must resort to obtain satisfaction of any kind? I also ordered a unit in February, 2016 and I was given a similar time frame, in fact shorter, which was necessary, as, relying on promises and representations made to me, I sold my home,... Read more

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They closed there doors today. Screwed us all!!!!! Read more

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I purchased a unit in late June and I am starting to get concerned reading all the complaints. I have talked to several of you by phone. In order to keep up with issues, I will set up a conference call, so we discuss a strategy going forward. Please send your email address to Also, if you had good experience with them or if you actually got one and are happy or unhappy. I also invite former and current employees to... Read more

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We have been taken for 18500.00 dollars....steve was the owner and nuce as can be till we wired the he says he is nit even the owner even though we now he is one of the owners. And refuses to answer the phine unless you trick him by using another number then he says he has to go and thats it...six minths later evenbthough told 3 months top...and well no refund, no unit step is join the many others in a legal action Read more

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