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Six months ago I drove 8 hours from Illinois to Lil Lodges factory in Alabama. I was shocked by their huge indoor production facility and the quality of their cabins. I was shown many models to various stages of construction. I was able to inspect them and see the attention to detail. I placed an order for a custom cabin for my disabled mother. Per the agreement, I had to put half the money down when I ordered it - this covers for materials.

Due to personal changes and increased customer volume, I experienced a breakdown in communication and was promised things that were not entirely correct. Do know that the customer is responsible for blocking the unit and they do deliver the unit but if it is not a pull through spot or remotely open for them to back it up you may need to get a local manufacture home transport company to assist.

Despite having some issues with delays for delivery - one excepts that when you are in the construction business (ever built a new house?), I was very impressed with Andrea Butler who quickly returned my calls and emails. She provided good customer service and honored what previous employees had promised even though it may have been incorrect at the time. She also reached and made sure I was satisfied. I am happy with my new cabin. When I inspected it - again very impressed with detail and the quality and craftsmanship. Their builders should be proud of what they do.

I have not received any products or money to write this review. I believe that Lil Lodges provides a superior product to other cabins I looked at.

Jason Lohmeyer

Champaign, IL

This person wrote the review because of good quality of lil lodge park model home from Lil Lodges and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Lil Lodges to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

Author liked the most andrea butlers quick resolution and personal service. The author asks this business to contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her positive experience with the company.

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Plano, Texas, United States #1289960


Plano, Texas, United States #1289706

I'm filing charges today

Plano, Texas, United States #1289704

Larry smith paid you to write that I doubt you even bought a house because he hasn't just picked one person out of many to send a house! So good for you consider yourself very lucky if you really got a house because he's on his way to prison

Plano, Texas, United States #1289703


Olive Branch, Mississippi, United States #1209991

Andrea is a cover up for Steve and Larry.She has told so many lies I no longer can keep up.

The whole operation is just one more scam in a history of many. If you got a unit that your blessing we did not and I know of 14 families wanting to sue that did not I am involved in a suit with 5 others right now they lie and are scam artist.

They love older people with cash to wire directly into their pockets.Thieves and scam artist but this time they scammed the wrong people we are going after several ways to make sure there will be jail time and they will not be doing business again when this is over.


What really are you saying Jason Lohmeyer?And are these photos of your unit, in the Factory?

They do not appear very impressive to me. You are complaining, and talking about an order placed six months ago and problems with not only communication but with construction and delivery. So do you actually have your unit? I am very glad that you provided a name, Andrea Butler, that may help so many others who are having problems.

So, six months to manufacture a 400 square foot 'home' on wheels (you did not say your cost, so I do not know what that works out per square foot), and from your review, it is not at all clear if your unit was completed.

I would really appreciate additional details and I believe that others would as well.

to Anonymous Champaign, Illinois, United States #1178286

Hello anonymous,

I am sorry you have not had your concerns heard or resolved.

What I am saying is that the experience could have gone better but I was pleased that the company agreed that they could improve the process and worked to make me satisfied.

Andrea has admitted that they are working on improved communication and keeping customers informed during the building process. She also took ownership for details that fell through the cracks because of personal changes. I felt like they went out of their way to correct the issues.

Yes, I have my cabin - I am very pleased.

Yes one of photos was taken in the factory but I post photos taken at our property. It was delayed by 3 weeks from originally promised and I had to delay due to me being on vacation - it was really only 4 months from our visit until the cabin arrived. We had started our plans and conversation with Lil Lodges 6 months ago. I didn't expect things to always go as planned in the world of construction.

It is peak season for construction and I was told when I ordered there could be delays due to materials being back ordered.

I have spoken directly with Larry the president I think at one point and within hours the issue was resolved. I think they have had increased volume and demand and are working to improve. Everything was not perfect but their customer service was better than expected.

I would advise contacting Andrea at abutler.lillodges@yahoo.com to get your issues addressed. Again, I don't work for the company.

I am a guy from Illinois who is happy to share my experience with others.I believe they make a good product.

to jlohmeyer #1180579

I appreciate your providing Andrea Butler's email address Jason, however she has failed to respond to me.Her email has been added to all other complaints, and when I contacted the Attorney General's Office to provide it to them, they already were aware of her.

Could you please let me know how you were able to get in touch with Larry Smith? All contact information for him that you have would be appreciated. In my case, all that they have done is take my money as a scam and have thus far refused to return it. This leaves me with no choice but to escalate matters further.

If they would like for things to be reported as resolved, it would certainly be in their best interest to refund my money, as they have done nothing since February 8th, nor could they have, as everything was to have been customized and they even told the Park Owner that they 'had no work order' for my unit.Thank you again, Jason.

to Anonymous Edgerton, Wisconsin, United States #1180604

Call eason and eason law firm in haleyville. Get a law suit started. I heard he has one going now.

to Anonymous #1180871

Thank you to Anonymous posting from Edgerton, Wisconsin, and yes, I have already spoken with Mr.Eason, I appreciate it, if you were the one who provided his name before.

You are correct, he is quite familiar with this company and refers to it as a 'pyramid scheme' and has stated that Larry Smith has been in prison and also gave me the name of another company whose name he used to operate under, so, for anyone who is interested, this is not a situation of short-term standing, or just being 'behind on things', it is a long-standing scam and fraud. I gave Andrea Butler 24 hours to respond to me or I would have no choice but to escalate matters further and I have heard nothing from her in response. I have a number of options that I intend to pursue. Again, thank you for mentioning Mr.


to jlohmeyer Shreveport, Louisiana, United States #1188505

I have my cabin also.It had so many problems, I thought I would never get them all fixed.

What a terrible experience I had with this company.I was out thousands of dollars due to the company not communicating or having the cabin finished in a timely manner.

to Anonymous #1199314

I dealt with Lil Lodges for 14 months.We ended up having to take our unit As Is just to get it out of there.

Gave them $40,000 in the beginning of December 2015 and didn't receive our unit until July 26, 2016. We spoke with Mr. Eason regarding filing a lawsuit. The AG's office should shut them down.

This is pure theft by deception. You must pursue legal action. There are so many issues with our house. All the windows leak.

Hole in metal roof that they filled with caulk, bookshelves don't open. I can give you names and info. BEWARE go elsewhere.

I will be posting a full description of our experience soon.We are still considering taking legal action in the next few weeks.

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