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I talked with Larry about my unit Friday and he said it was 95% complete and it would ship this week or early next week. My wife and i decided to drive 5 hours to look at the unit Saturday morning.(they work on Saturdays) We arrived at 9:00 am and met with Michelle(quality manager) and Dwayne(supervisor/manager) they answered all our questions and really treaded us like a customer. Our unit was indeed 95% complete and I didn't see and workmanship issues.

In additional, they toured us through the factory and I counted 18 units on the production line or off line in a finishing area.(my unit was in the finishing area)

I have been there 4 times now and have been impressed with the workmanship. If you have a concern about your unit I would suggest you go there.

I am attaching a few pictures of the production area.

This reviewer shared experience about "all most on time" and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). This person is overall satisfied with Lil Lodges and uploaded picture s. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her for further discussion of this matter.

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Memphis, Tennessee, United States #1276238

In July 2016 I put a 50% deposit on a park model cabin from Park Cabins Inc.and was informed that the cabin I was buying was partially complete from another order that fell through.A new order I was told typically took 2 to 3 months to complete and deliver so mine was to only take approximately 2 months which would have been around the middle to end of September 2016.

That time came and went with various explanations as to why it was delayed.

One explanation was that there were special orders that required very specific materials that had become difficult to get delaying the completion of those cabins ahead of mine. Another time it was too cold for workers to work. Other times had vague reasons for delay.

I paid a scheduled visit to both the larger and smaller plants in Bear Creek where I met with the then foreman, George who gave me a tour of both. I was shown a cabin that was supposedly mine that was framed up with all exterior and interior walls.

It had at least 5 to 6 workers on it and George indicated they would be finished in 2 to 4 weeks with 4 weeks not likely being necessary. That projected completion date would have been around October 31st give or take.

That projected date came and went with yet more excuses on the delay in completion. Unbeknownst to me, Marianne London (who co-owns Park Cabins Inc with her husband Jack London) had contracted with Larry Smith, owner of Lil Lodges to construct the cabin and who also went into Chapter 7 bankruptcy on or about November 4th, 2016. In spite of that filing, which I did not know about at the time, I was given updates indicating workers were still working on my cabin.

However, they could not have been working on it after filing Chapter 7 because both plants were closed.

I confronted Marianne about the Chapter 7 which she admitted that she had become aware of but supposedly not when it happened. She insisted that the Chapter 7 would be converted to a Chapter 11 reorganization and work would commence again with my cabin being at the front of the line to be completed. Through Mr. Russell Eason of Eason & Eason Law Office in Haleyville, AL I was informed that there would not be a Chapter 11 and that the Chapter 7 (dissolving the company) was moving forward and that no cabins would be going out now.

I contacted Marianne again to request a refund of $18,300, the amount of my deposit and her response was that a Chapter 11 was forthcoming and to be patient so I could get my cabin.

I again advised her that I had already waited 6 months for a cabin and that my patience had worn out on waiting, to please refund the deposit to the bank that financed the construction. I have received no further correspondence and no money has been refunded as of the date of this review. While I cannot prove that Park Cabins / Marianne & Jack London are intending to defraud me and possibly others, the absence of refund of my deposit combined with their silence is telling.

Right now the majority of complaints are directly against Lil Lodges.I am interested to know if there are others who have paid Park Cabins for a cabin but have not yet received theirs yet either.If anyone else is in the same boat, feel free to contact me at 225-305-9882.

Waynesville, North Carolina, United States #1236211

This is absolutely unacceptable for a reputable business.To have to travel 5 or more hours is insane to get in touch with someone.

I can understand why people would get to the point of violence to get their money back or the product they agreed to purchase with 50% down.

These are thousands of dollars that people are losing.How do these people stay in business is beyond me.

Mansfield, Ohio, United States #1235361

Did they prove that it was yours?I did the same thing and they lied.

AG said they handed out pink slips this week but couldn't prove it.

How long go did you put down your money?It has been a year for me.

Round Rock, Texas, United States #1228609

I received my house two weeks ago.I had a few issues, but no more than I had with new houses, I purchased in the past.

And considering the price I paid(39,000) I am pleased with the unit. These house are 15,000-20,000 cheaper than other comparable units.

To the Lady/guy with the cats you need to get a real life.

As my mother said " All animal and most men belong outside" By the way I have a daughter who is the IT director for a Major university and I have a boy I adopted at 2 months old and is know 13.I was 50 years old when I made that decision.

to Anonymous #1230767

Oh please, whoever you really are, Anonymous on Oct 18 #1228609 in Round Rock, Texas, your comment indicates to me that you must be an employee of Lil' Lodges.And if not, and if you really did purchase (and receive) a unit for $39,000, you certainly cannot understand what it is like to be scammed out of a 50% deposit of $67,500 and receive nothing at all, six months after you were promised your 'home', and have a Special Agent with the Attorney General's Office assigned to your case because of that.

Sorry, there is a universe of difference here, and your lack of empathy makes me wonder why you are even posting here, unless you are a 'plant' from Lil' Lodges. What is the point of your post? If you are happy, why are you posting on a site for concerns? Yet if what you are saying is indeed true, I would love to hear what you are saying about your 'unit', in a few weeks or months as to its 'quality'.

And what on earth is your comment about your daughter and your son about? What is the relevance here whatsoever? Should I post my resume for you? Is that something that is even pertinent on this site?


to Anonymous #1231271

The lady says one thing about how she is pleased with her unit and you flip out saying all sorts of disrespectful nonsense!! You sound like some kind of depressed lunatic!! She can post whatever the *** she wants to on this site you ***!!

to Anonymous #1231772

Excuse me, Anonymous 1 day ago #1231271, if you are referring to me, the owner of two twin Abyssinians who are distant cousins, why on earth are you defending someone who directly attacked me personally stating: 'To the Lady/guy with the cats you need to get a real life.'?Not the first time I have been attacked because I have kitty-kats who cannot travel long distances.

What business is that of yours? I had been asked why I couldn't travel to Alabama, and why on earth should I have expected that I should have to do so, or watch over them like a hawk, when my Unit was promised to be delivered to a Park Developer's site three months from February 8th, 2016, at a total cost of $135,000. Nothing has been done on my Unit, At All. Wake up folks, this is a Ponzi and Pyramid scheme that this company has been running.

And is it simply that you, as well, are an employee or plant from Lil' Lodges as well and trying to divert attention from the complaints on this site, which is Precisely what this site is for. If you want to go posting about how much you Love Lil' Lodges for all of the wonderful things they have done for you, post them somewhere else.

This is not a site for irrelevant, hateful, and personal attacks about individuals who have been wronged by this company.

to Anonymous Loganville, Georgia, United States #1232920

you are welcome to call me 404 314 4684.I am not connect with LilLodges.

i found them on the internet like most.

I just manage my situations instead of complaining.I really did purchase my unit for $39000 and have stayed in the past to two weekends.

to Anonymous Loganville, Georgia, United States #1232932

Also Oct 22 #1230767. My comment about my family was in response to the crazy lady with cat, who insulted me, read all comments before responding please.

to Anonymous #1234134

When did your order your cabin from Lil Lodges and how long did it take for them to finish it?

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